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Premium Managed WordPress Hosting Solutions

The demand for wordpress web hosting plans has been rising as WP’s continue growth now surpasses 37% of the internet is created by WordPress CMS.

Managed WP hosting explains the need-to-know facts about managed hosting plans compared to shared web hosting plans for wordpress that are more affordable and can still do the job the right way.

Our mission to to help you easily find the hosting details to help you make your decision about where to host your wordpress website.

How We Started

I started working as a self-employed affiliate marketer getting traffic to my websites through SEO all the way back in early 2001. Over the years my experience developing with WordPress expanded and managed WP hosting has become a core focus for my internet company to move forward with. 

Our Mission

MangedWPhosting.net is on a mission to help customers find the best managed WordPress hosting services at reasonable prices that small businesses can afford. 

We’ve reviewed all of the best web hosting providers that have managed hosting plans for WordPress such as Kinsta, WP Engine, Bluehost and the like.

Company Vision

Helping small businesses find value in managed WP hosting plans is where we excel. Don’t bother searching the paid ads in the search engines. We’ve done the research for you. 

Utilizing search engine optimization techniques carefully crafted by SEO expert Benjamin Ogden, Managed WP Hosting offers our customers complete in-house SEO solutions for building an online business using WordPress software. 

How we work

Managed WordPress Solutions and WP Consulting

Managed WP Hosting is unique because our full service suite of WordPress managed hosting services including website design and development in our everything included package for Enterprise and Small Businesses. 

WordPress Managed Hosting

Explore the benefits of managed wordpress hosting versus traditional web hosting providers. There are many perks that come with managed hosting plans and they're excellent for keeping your site secure and up-to-date with the latest WordPress updates automatically.

WordPress Development

WPHostDev is our WordPress website developer. When you develop your website with WPHostDev you get WordPress experts along with SEO experts building your site optimized for organic search engine traffic.

WP Consulting

Do you need help setting up your wordpress website & digital marketing strategy for WordPreess? We provide WordPress consulting services to digital marketing agencies, enterprise customers and small business owners.

Managed SEO Services

Benjamin Ogden provides custom managed SEO services for enterprise clients that will provide a solid foundation for creating effective search engine optimization strategies.

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Anyone searching for a premium wordpress hosting platform can come to managedwphosting.net to quickly find a reliable and fast managed web hosting plan to go-to-market with.
Evelyn Thompson
CTO - Mezoni
I'm proud to be on the Managed WP Hosting team and excited to be learning more about the power of WordPress and the importance of hosting a website with a reliable wordpress host.
Camille Valencia